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Budget - Shaped like ADSL        
Budget Normal shaped (Copper) Up to 512Kb download/100Kb upload R 300.00
Budget Normal shaped (Copper) Up to 1Mb download/128Kb upload R 400.00
Budget Normal shaped (Copper) Up to 2Mb download/196Kb upload R 550.00
Budget Normal shaped (Copper) Up to 4Mb download/256Kb upload R 850.00
Premium Fiber 1 to 1 connection ratio SPEED - afterhour 6pm to 6am and all weekend
490kb -down&up Up to 1mb/1mb R350
570kb -down&up Up to 2mb/2mb R450
650kb -down&up Up to 3mb/3mb R550
800kb -down&up Up to 3.5mb/3.5mb R700
1.3mb -down&up Up to 4mb/4mb R950
1.5mb -down&up Up to 5mb/5mb R1100
2mb   -down&up Up to 6mb/6mb  R1600
Business SPEED - Premium Fibre 
Business unshaped 2Mb/2Mb (all day) R 1 600.00
Business unshaped 3Mb/3Mb (all day R 2 130.00
Business unshaped 4Mb/4Mb (all day) R 3 285.00
Business unshaped 5Mb/5Mb (all day) R 4 620.00
Business Hours Packages
(Premium Uncapped Wireless)
SPEED - Premium Fibre
Higher Speed during O/H reduces after Hrs. Monday - Sunday (6pm-6am)
Premium Uncapped Wireless 1Mb/1Mb (up to 512k) R600.00
Premium Uncapped Wireless 2Mb/2Mb (up to 512k) R900.00
Premium Uncapped Wireless 3Mb/3Mb (up to 512k) R1300.00
Premium Uncapped Wireless 4Mb/4Mb (up to 512k) R1700.00
Premium Uncapped Wireless 5Mb/5Mb (up to 512k) R2300.00
Premium Uncapped Wireless 6Mb/6Mb (up to 512k) R3400.00
NEW Softcap packages with afterhours boost up to 8Mb
(1 Reset per Mth)
SPEED - afterhour 6pm to 6am and all weekend
20 GB-down&up 5Mb/5Mb R600.00 (Reset R250)
50 GB-down&up 5Mb/5Mb R700.00 (Reset R300)
100 GB-down&up 5Mb/5Mb R1400.00 (Reset R500)
Per 1Gb Cap Extra R 40.00
Soft Cap Reset (1only per month) On Request
For the first 50 gb of data after that the connection will slow down to a 384kb
Reset speed 50gb R300

Already on the old fibre packages?
Don't worry, we will move you to the new correlating Fibre packages automatically”



Iclix Budget Uncapped

Budget packages remain as is only the old 3Mb get upgraded to 4Mb”   “want premium? All you need to do is ask for it...

Iclix Premium Uncapped
Unshaped, NO abuse policy, Gaming, Skype, Social, (everything), No line Rental, initial speed guaranteed...
Iclix Business Premium Uncapped
Unshaped, No abuse Policy, Most Priority during Day, Mail Speed is Double the internet speed...
Iclix Capped
New size, 1Mb/1Mb, 4Mb/4Mb (Download/Upload), Booster...
Hotspots available on request, personalised for your needs
Wireless VoIP only Links

“VoIP monthly Rental (includes line number(DID))” 
“FoIP monthly rental (includes line number(DID)) “

The Wireless Contract Form

Click here to download the form.

How to setup a Dialup connection with iclix? How to setup your email address with iclix ?
Dial-up access is an inexpensive but relatively slow form of internet access in which the client uses a modem to dial the internet service provider's node, a dialup server type such as the PPP and TCP/IP ...
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Get email free every time you sign up for any internet connection ...
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SMTP (Outgoing Mail Settings)

ISP Information FREE Fax to Email Signup

Local 0860 Number (within 50km radius of an IS POP) 0860 473425 (0860 ISDIAL) number to dial for your area ...

Send an email and have it delivered as a Fax anywhere world-wide ... Receive a Fax on your own dedicated number and have it sent to your Email.
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IPass Dialer (12092006 - v3.36) 6.7MB) IPass Vista Dialer (10032008 - v3.60) 20MB)
IPass PDA Dialer (5.1MB) IPASS MAC 0.8MB
IPASS OS X 4.96MB Windows Mobile 5.0
IPass PDA Documentation (0.8MB) IPass Dialer Setup Guide (0.142 MB)
AT&T Phone Book - 07/02/2006 (1.2MB)  

These downloads are Microsoft Word documents, zipped to minimize download time.
WinZip 7.0 SR-1 Word Viewer
VISP Administration 2.1 Manual (304Kb MS-Word Format) VISP Configuration Manual (0.4Mb MS-Word Format)

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